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Books for Boys

Books for Boys
April 29, 2016 CubandCave
In Book Reviews

So I don’t know about your boys, but my little one currently loves books!  He has his favourite’s which I’ll review now, but I have also added some reviews of older boys and teenagers books too.  At the bottom of this blog post I have added recommendations from others parents from my Facebook group ‘Raising Little Men‘.  I haven’t read these books yet but they come highly recommended from parents of other boys (and girls).

Reading has always been such a huge passion of mine and my husbands, so we are so pleased that Rayyan currently seems to be sharing this joy of reading.  In the future I will continue to do further kids book reviews but also add some relevant parenting books into the mix too.

Please add your recommendations in the comments.  Enjoy!

Angel Baby by Gillian Shields  (Ages 0-4 years)*

Rayyan has loved this since he was tiny, and it is still his favourite.  He has to hear this before bed every night.  It is a lovely pre-kindy book featuring a typical day in Angel’s baby’s life; from waking, eating, playing, bathing and back to bed.  It is a simple story that little ones will love.

  • For more info or to buy click this link Angel Baby

Are dinosaurs dead dad? By Julie Middleton (Ages 0-9 but reading level 6+)*

My favourite things about this book are the illustrations and quirky humour.  It is about Dave and his dad going to a dinosaur museum and seeing all these dinosaurs…question is are they dead?! J  The illustrations are wonderful and the story simple enough for children of all ages to understand.

The dinosaur who pooped a planet by  Dougie Poynter and John Fletcher (Ages 3-7)*

I am not sure Rayyan quite ‘gets’ this book yet but I do, hilarious.  Great fantasy adventure in space, but with the realities of life, being hungry! Lol  I have heard the rest of the books in this range are excellent too.

Boy by Roald Dahl (Ages 9+)*

Roald Dahl is one of my all-time heroes.  As I child I reread The BFG and Matilda over and over.  I loved every one of his books and was never disappointed.  Now as an adult I still enjoy going back to my Roald Dahl collection and having a quick enjoyable read after a heavy or hard going book.  When looking through my collection I realised I had Boy and Going Solo, both of which I could not actually remember if I had read or not (you will soon see this is quite common for me, I have a terrible memory!).  So I thought why not but then proceeded to read Going Solo first then Boy second…quite the wrong way round!

Anyway…I procrastinate….back to Boy!  So Boy, Tales of Childhood is exactly what it says on the tin…Tales from Roald Dahls childhood.  They are amusing and engaging and I happily read the book in a few days.  It is great to find out some background on where Roald Dahl grew up and his family history.

I would encourage everyone to read this book for an insight into what it was like growing up in the UK before World War 2.  Caning…yes it did happen…often!  This is probably most suitable for boys over 9 years old right through to adults.

  • For more info or to buy click here.Boy

Grandpa’s great escape by David Walliams (Ages 9+)*

This is another book for 9+ years old to adults.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to enjoy more books by David Walliams.  It is funny and heart-warming and boys will love the adventures.  I think David Walliams is the new Roald Dahl.  It also shows the importance and love between boys and their grandfathers, remembering times from long ago.  Jack’s Grandpa is becoming confused and cannot live on his own anymore, but instead of Jack’s Grandpa going to an old peoples home Jacks wants him to share his bedroom.  This soon leads to mischief.  Actually writing this I am considering reading it again.  Really great read for you and your boy.

Recommendations from my Facebook group – Raising Little Men:

Please comment and add your recommendations.

*I have researched the age ranges online however I have adjusted some of them so please use your own judgement of how you boy will enjoy them and when he is old enough for the books themes.
**I have added Amazon affiliate links for you to buy these books or read more about them.  If you buy I will receive a small commission which will go towards my dream of committing more time to my blog.

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  1. Betty 3 years ago

    The Book with No Pictures is one of our faves!

    • Author
      CubandCave 3 years ago

      I need to check this one out as other people have recommended it too. Thanks 🙂

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